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Yes, you can quit smoking in just one hour… It’s guaranteed.

If you want to stop smoking, you can quit in one hour! “It’s guaranteed,” says Marina Perdos, RN and certified hypnotherapist who practices in Boardman/Canfield, OH. Her practice, Natural Healing Therapies is on the resource list for the American Cancer Society and the Tobacco Prevention & Elimination Coalition for Mahoning, Columbiana, and Trumbull counties.


“Years of clinical research and practice have proven hypnotherapy to be a quick and effective way to remove the mental barriers that prevent smokers from quitting.”

"After a one-hour hypnotherapy session, 95 percent of smokers will be freed of their habit, even if they’ve smoked for decades”, Perdos said. “Another five percent may need a second hour of therapy, but they will quit too.”. There is no charge for the follow-up session in the unlikely case that follow-up is necessary.

“If a smoker wants to quit but can’t seem to kick the habit, there’s usually an underlying psychological factor in their way,” Perdos, said, citing a half-century of research. “Despite knowing that they will see a vast improvement in their health and add years to their lives, most smokers are still afraid to quit.”

Many smokers fear the loss of pleasure or the crutch they’ve become accustomed to. Some fear they’ll be less able to handle stress or won’t enjoy life as much. Others fear that quitting will be traumatic or they’ll never be free of their craving for nicotine.

Hypnotherapy allows smokers to overcome their fears and self defeating thoughts to they can kick the
smoking habit, permanently! “A large part of hypnotherapy is relaxation,” Perdos explained. “The relaxation that comes from hypnosis helps clients to clarify their thoughts and overcome their

The process begins with a few simple questions:

When did you start smoking?
Why did you start?
Why do you want to quit?

“It’s very satisfying for me to help people release themselves from the smoking habit,” Perdos said, “I know that when I help someone quit smoking, I’ve helped them add an average of 14 years to
their lives.

Stage and show business acts that purport to hypnotize subjects and then lead them to do and say foolish things have created many misconceptions about hypnosis, Perdos said.

Hypnosis has been practiced since ancient times, and has been studied as a science since the 19th century. Since then, hypnosis has been successfully applied in the fields of medicine, dentistry
and psychology.

To learn more about hypnotherapy, Perdos has literature and a free hypnosis mp3.

“I encourage any smoker who wants to quit to call 888-758-2750 today,” Perdos said. “After only 60 minutes, you will walk out of my clinic a happy, permanent non-smoker. It’s guaranteed!”

Natural Healing Therapies also offer hypnosis for Health Issues, Cancer Relief, Anger Management, Pain Relief, Self Improvement & Personal Development, Phobias & Fears, Sports Performance, Relaxation, and Weight Loss.

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